Ohlins Road and Track shock absorbers
Type Codes explained...

Below are explanations of what each number and letter in the damper code corresponds to. For example: T36PR1C1LS represents a TTX36 damper (twin tube, with 36mm piston), with a piggyback reservoir, compression and rebound adjustment, length adjustment, and a hydraulic preload adjuster.

Öhlins damper type codes

Öhlins motorbike suspension productsOhlins Racing are one of the most respected brands in the motorbike industry. They have been producing championship winning dampers since 1976, and their product development is second to none. All of the Ohlins products are tailor-made to their specific application, and fully tested and developed on the bike.

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Below is the full range of Ohlins Road & Track products. Please click on the manufacturer name to display the list of applications

Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
RSV 1000 Mille1999-01AP 840S46PR1C1LS
RSV 1000 R2004-09AP 351S46PR1C1LS
RSV 1000 Tuono2006-09AP 351S46PR1C1LS
RSV 42009-10AP 832T36PR1C1L
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
RSV 4 R2010FPK 111Fork piston kit
RSV 4 R2010FGK 21430mm Cartridge kit
RSV 4 Factory2010FGK 21530mm Cartridge kit
Steering Damper
ModelYearPart No.
RSV 1000 Mille1999-03SD 133
RSV 1000 R2004-06SD 175
RSV 1000 Tuono2003-04SD 133
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
F 650 GS2000-06BM 344S46ER1S
F 650 GS Dakar, not ABS2000-07BM 048S46HR1C1S
F 650 GS Dakar, ABS2000-07BM 750S46HR1C1S
F 650 GS2008-09BM 801S46DR1B
F 800 GS2008-09BM 802S46DR1B
F 800 R2009BM 909S46DR1S
F 800 S/ST2007-09BM 706S46DR1S
G 650 Xmoto2007-09BM 633S46HR1C1
G 650 Xchallenge2007-09BM 636S46HR1C1
HP2 Enduro2006BM 688S46PR1C2Q1
K 1100 LT/ SE1994-00BM 420S46PR1C1S
K 1100 RS1994-97BM 420S46PR1C1S
K 1200 GT, Front2003BM 701S36D
K 1200 GT, Front2004-05BM 507S36D
K 1200 GT, Rear2003-05BM 318S46HR1C1LS
K 1200 LT, Front1999-08BM 540S36D
K 1200 LT, Rear1999-03BM 851S46DR1S
K 1200 LT, Rear2004-08BM 539S46DR1S
K 1200 R, Front2005-08BM 445S46DR1
K 1200 R, Rear2005-08BM 502S46PR1C1S
K 1200 R Sport, Front2007-08BM 445S46DR1
K 1200 R Sport, Rear2007-08BM 502S46PR1C1S
K 1200 RS, Front1997-03BM 701S36D
K 1200 RS, Front2004-06BM 507S36D
K 1200 RS, Rear1997-06BM 702S46HR1C1LS
K 1200 S, Front2005-08BM 445S46DR1
K 1200 S, Rear2005-08BM 446S46PR1C1S
K 1300 GT, Front2009BM 906S46DR1
K 1300 GT, Rear2009BM 908S46PR1C1S
K 1300 R, Front2009BM 906S46DR1
K 1300 R, Rear2009BM 502S46PR1C1S
K 1300 S, Front2009BM 906S46DR1
K 1300 S, Rear2009BM 446S46PR1C1S
R 50/5AllBM 141*S36P
R 60/5AllBM 141*S36P
R 60/6AllBM 141*S36P
R 75/6AllBM 141*S36P
R 80 GS1981-88BM 317S46PR1C1
R 80 GS1989-94BM 836S46DR1S
R 80 GS1989-94BM 541S46PR1C1S
R 80 RT1977-84BM 141*S36P
R 80 RS/ RT1985-93BM 941S46HR1C1
R 80 R1992-95BM 332S46DR1S
R 850 GS, Front1994-00BM 425S46ER1
R 850 GS, Rear1994-00BM 424S46DR1S
R 850 R, Front1996-02BM 634S46ER1
R 850 R, Rear1996-02BM 635S46DR1LS
R 850 R, Front2003-06BM 050S36DR1L
R 850 R, Rear2003-06BM 049S46DR1S
R 90/ 6/ SAllBM 141*S36P
R 100 CSAllBM 141*S36P
R 100 GS/ PD1987-94BM 836S46DR1S
R 100 GS/ PD1987-94BM 541S46PR1C1S
R 100 R1992-95BM 332S46DR1S
R 100 RT-1986BM 141*S36P
R 100 RS/ RT1985-93BM 941S46HR1C1
R 100 SAllBM 141*S36P
R 1100 GS, Front1994-00BM 425S46ER1
R 1100 GS, Rear1994-00BM 424S46DR1S
R 1100 R, Front1996-00BM 634S46ER1
R 1100 R, Rear1996-00BM 635S46DR1LS
R 1100 RS, Front1993-01BM 335S46ER1
R 1100 RS, Rear1993-01BM 334S46DR1
R 1100 RS, Rear1993-01BM 704S46DR1S
R 1100 RT, Front1996-01BM 601S46ER1
R 1100 RT, Rear1996-01BM 602S46DR1LS
R 1100 S, Front1999-05BM 842S36PR1
R 1100 S, Rear1999-05BM 205S46R1C1LS
R 1150 GS, Front2000-03BM 425S46ER1
R 1150 GS, Rear2000-03BM 940S46DR1S
R 1150 GS, Rear2000-03BM 542S46HR1C1S
R 1150 GS, Rear short2000-03BM 942S46DR1S
R 1150 GS Adventure, Front2002-05BM 216S46ER1
R 1150 GS Adventure, Rear2002-05BM 215S46DR1S
R 1150 R, Front2001-06BM 050S36DR1L
R 1150 R, Rear2001-06BM 049S46DR1S
R 1150 RS, Front2002-04BM 335S46ER1
R 1150 RS, Rear2002-04BM 201S46DR1S
R 1150 RT, Front2002-04BM 124S46ER1
R 1150 RT, Rear2002-04BM 125S46DR1S
R 1200 GS, Front2004-09BM 437S46ER1
R 1200 GS, Front Short2004-09BM 509S46ER1
R 1200 GS, Rear2004-09BM 436S46DR1S
R 1200 GS, Rear 1)2004-09BM 543S46PR1C1LQ1S
R 1200 GS, Rear Short2004-09BM 508S46DR1S
R 1200 GS Adventure, Front2006-09BM 607S46ER1
R 1200 GS Adventure, Rear2006-09BM 606S46PR1C1Q1S
R 1200 GS Adventure, Rear2006-09BM 943S46DR1S
R 1200 R, Front2007-09BM 709S36DR1L
R 1200 R, Rear2007-09BM 708S46R1C1LS
R 1200 RT, Front2005-09BM 503S46ER1
R 1200 RT, Rear2005-09BM 504S46DR1S
R 1200 ST, Front2005-06BM 505S46ER1
R 1200 ST, Rear2005-06BM 506S46DR1S
S 1000RR2010BM 888T36PR1C1LB
Uprated Fork Springs (OEM Replacement)
ModelYearPart No.
F 650 GS2008-0908752-70
F 800 GS2008-0908767-55
F 800 R200908688-90
F 800 S/ST2007-0908751-90
S 1000RR201008792-95/ -10/ -05
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
S 1000RR2010FGK 21230mm Cartridge kit
S 1000RR2010FGRT 81143mm R&T
Steering Damper
ModelYearPart No.
S 1000 RR2010SD 033
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
XB9R Firebolt2002-05BU 201S46HR1C1LS
XB12R Firebolt2004-05BU 201S46HR1C1LS
1125 CR/ C2008-09BU 888T36PR1C1LS
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
XB9R Firebolt2005FG 33443mm R&T
XB9S Lightning2005FG 33443mm R&T
XB12R Firebolt2005FG 33443mm R&T
XB12S Lightning2005FG 33443mm R&T
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
7481994-99DU 143S46PR1C2B
7482000-02DU 143S46PR1C2B
7492003-05DU 301S46PR1C2B
750 SS1991-02DU 235S46PR1C1L
750 Sport2001-02DU 235S46PR1C1L
8482008-10DU 788T36PR1C1B
900 SD1978-84DU 140*S36P
900 SL/ SS1991-99DU 235S46PR1C1L
900 SS2000-02DU 235S46PR1C1L
900 Sport2001-02DU 235S46PR1C1L
9161994-98DU 143S46PR1C2B
9161999-00DU 143S46PR1C2B
9961999DU 143S46PR1C2B
9962000-01DU 143S46PR1C2B
9982002-03DU 143S46PR1C2B
9992003-05DU 301S46PR1C2B
10982007DU 788T36PR1C1B
10982008DU 788T36PR1C1B
11982009-10DU 788T36PR1C1B
Darmah1978-84DU 140*S36P
MH 900e2001-02DU 106S46PR1C1L
Monster 600/ 750/ 9001994-01DU 440S46HR1C1
Monster 620/ 750/ 9002002DU 046S46PR1C1S
Monster 620/ 750/ 9002002DU 321S46DR1
Monster 620/ 800/ 10002003-05DU 046S46PR1C1S
Monster 620/ 800/ 10002003-05DU 321S46DR1
Monster S2R 8002005DU 321S46DR1
Monster S2R 10002005DU 321S46DR1
Monster S42001-05DU 046S46PR1C1S
Monster S42001-05DU 321S46DR1
Monster S4R2003-05DU 333S46HR1C1S
Monster 6962008-09DU 737S46DR1
Multistrada2003-05DU 303S46PR1C1S
Replica1978-84DU 140*S36P
SS1978-84DU 140*S36P
ST 2/ ST 41997-00DU 701S46HR1C1S
StreetFighter2009-10DU 816T36PR1C1B
StreetFighter S2009-10DU 816T36PR1C1B
Uprated Fork Springs (OEM Replacement)
ModelYearPart No.
8482008-1008761-95/ -10/ -05
900 SL/ SS1991-9908600-90
900 SS2000-0208677-90
1098200808761-95/ -10/ -05
11982009-1008761-95/ -10/ -05
Monster S2R 800200508627-90
Monster S42001-0508643-90
Monster S42001-0508643-90
ST 2/ ST 41997-0008643-90
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
8482007-10FPK 103Fork piston kit
8482008-10FGRT 80343mm R&T
8482008-10FGK 21030mm Cartridge kit
10982007-08FGRT 80343mm R&T
10982007-08FPK 103Fork piston kit
10982008FGK 21030mm Cartridge kit
1098 S/ R2007-08FGK 21330mm Cartridge kit
1098 S/ R2007-08FGRT 81543mm R&T
11982009-10FGRT 80343mm R&T
11982009-10FPK 103Fork piston kit
1198 S200903200-27Fork piston kit
1198 S/ R2009-10FGK 21330mm Cartridge kit
1198 S/ R2009-10FGRT 81543mm R&T
11982009-10FGK 21030mm Cartridge kit
StreetFighter S200903200-27Fork piston kit
Steering Damper
ModelYearPart No.
7481994-02SD 120
7492003-06SD 168
8482008-10SD 197
9161994-98SD 120
9961999-01SD 120
9982002-03SD 120
9992003-06SD 168
10982007-08SD 120
11982009-10SD 120
MH 900e2001-02SD 156
Monster 620/ 750/ 9002002SD 154
Monster 620/ 800/ 10002003-07SD 154
Monster S2R2005-07SD 154
Monster S42001-07SD 154
Monster S4R2003-07SD 154
Monster S4Rs2006-07SD 154
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
FLHRC-I1998HD 939*S36K
FLHRC-I1998HD 909*S36DR1L
FLHRS (Road King)HD 538*S36E
FLHRS (Road King)HD 539*S36E
FLHRS (Road King)HD 540*S36E
FXD1991-05HD 215*S36PR1C1LB
FXD1991-06HD 219*S36PR1C1LB
FXD1991-06HD 216*S36E
FXD1991-06HD 616*S36E
FXD1991-05HD 220*S36E
FXD1991-06HD 218*S36K
FXD1991-06HD 816*S36DR1L
FXD1991-06HD 817*S36DR1
FXDWG1993-05HD 215*S36PR1C1LB
FXDWG1993-06HD 219*S36PR1C1LB
FXDWG1993-06HD 216*S36E
FXDWG1993-06HD 616*S36E
FXDWG1993-05HD 220*S36E
FXDWG1993-06HD 218*S36K
FXDWG1993-06HD 816*S36DR1L
FXDWG1993-06HD 817*S36DR1
Sportster-2006HD 141*S36PL
Sportster-2006HD 143*S36PR1C1LB
Sportster-2003HD 142*S36PL
Sportster-2003HD 144*S36PR1C1LB
Sportster-2006HD 145E*S36E
Sportster-2006HD 645*S36E
Sportster-2006HD 745*S36E
Sportster-2006HD 916E*S36E
Sportster-2006HD 716*S36E
Sportster-2003HD 146*S36E
Sportster-2006HD 906*S36DR1L
XR 12002009HD 907*S36PL
XR 12002009HD 908*S36PL
XR 12002009HD 852*S36PR1C1L
VRSCA V-Rod2002-06HD 202*S36K
VRSCA V-Rod2002-06HD 928*S36DR1L
Uprated Fork Springs (OEM Replacement)
ModelYearPart No.
XR 1200200908788-85
XR 1200200908788-85
XR 1200200908788-85
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
Ape 50/100HO 513S36E
Ape 50/100HO 511S36HR1C1L
CB 400 Superfour1992-93HO 142*S36P
CB 400 Superfour1992-93HO 145*S36PR1C1LB
CB 600F Hornet1998-02HO 803S46HR1C1
CB 600F Hornet2003-04HO 541S46HR1C1L
CB 600F Hornet2003-04HO 803S46HR1C1
CB 600F Hornet2007-08HO 707S46HR1C1
CB 750 F1980-84HO 140*S36P
CB 750 F1980-84HO 153E*S36E
CB 750 KZ1979-84HO 140*S36P
CB 750 KZ1979-84HO 153E*S36E
CB 750 Sevenfifty1992-94HO 141*S36P
CB 9001979-84HO 140*S36P
CB 9001979-84HO 146*S36PR1C1LB
CB 9001979-84HO 153E*S36E
CB 900F Hornet2002-03HO 201S46HR1C1S
CB 900F Hornet2004-06HO 201S46HR1C1S
CB 1000 BIG1993-97HO 143*S36P
CB 1000 BIG1993-97HO 144*S36PR1C1LB
CB 1000 R2008HO 808S46HR1C1S
CB 1000 R2008-09HO 009S46DR1
CB 1100 F1982-85HO 140*S36P
CB 1100 F1982-85HO 153E*S36E
CB 1100 R1981-84HO 140*S36P
CB 1100 R1981-84HO 153E*S36E
CB 13001999-01HO 147*S36PR1C1LB
CB 13002003-09HO 150*S36PR1C1LB
CB 13002003-09HO 414*S36PR1C1L
CB 13002003-09HO 417*S36PR1C1L
CBF 600 SA2008HO 809S46DR1S
CBF 10002006-09HO 603S46HR1C1S
CBR 600 RR2003-04HO 301S46PR1C2LS
CBR 600 RR2005-06HO 502S46PR1C2LS
CBR 600 RR, not ABS2007-10HO 789T36PR1C1LS
CBR 600 RR, with ABS2009-10HO 889T36HR1C1LS
CBR 900 RR1998-99HO 802S46HR1C1L
CBR 900 RR / 9292000-01HO 152S46PR1C2LS
CBR 900 RR / 9542002-03HO 202S46PR1C2LS
CBR 1000 RR2004-05HO 347S46PR1C2LS
CBR 1000 RR2006-07HO 604S46PR1C2LS
CBR 1000 RR2008-10HO 888T36PR1C1LS
CBR 1100 XX1997-00HO 639S46HR1C1S
CBR 1100 XX2001-06HO 518S46HR1C1S
CBX 10001978-81HO 140*S36P
CBX 10001978-81HO 153E*S36E
Foresight FEZ 2501998-00HO 839S36E
Moriwaki MD 250H/ S2009MH 841T36PR1C1L
NSR MiniHO 418S36HR1C1L
NSR MiniHO 890T36PR1C1L
NSR 250 R-SE1990-93HO 206S46HR1C1L
NSR 250 R-SP1994-HO 206S46HR1C1L
RS 1251998-08HO 406S46PR1C1L
VFR 800 FI2002-05HO 203S46DR1S
VFR 800 FI2002-05HO 605S46HR1C1LS
VFR 800 FI2006-09HO 203S46DR1S
VFR 800 FI2006-09HO 605S46HR1C1LS
VTR 2502009HO 944S36D
VTR 1000 F1997-06HO 701S46HR1C1S
VTR 1000 SP2 / RC 512000-01HO 204S46PR1C2LS
VTR 1000 SP2 / RC 512002-06HO 204S46PR1C2LS
XL 700 V Transalp2008HO 823S46ER1S
XL 1000 V Varadero1999-02HO 851S46HR1C1S
XL 1000 V Varadero2003-09HO 533S46HR1C1S
XL 1000 V Varadero with ABS2003-09HO 533S46HR1C1S
XRV 7501995-02HO 645S46HR1C1S
Uprated Fork Springs (OEM Replacement)
ModelYearPart No.
CB 600F Hornet1998-0208803-01/ -03
CB 600F Hornet2003-0408803-02/ -04
CB 600F Hornet2003-0408803-02/ -04
CB 600F Hornet2007-0808747-90
CB 900F Hornet2002-0308686-85
CB 1000 BIG1993-9708833-01
CB 1000 BIG1993-9708833-01
CB 1000 R200808665-90/ -95
CBF 10002006-0908757-85
CBR 600 RR2003-0408694-90/ -95/ -10
CBR 600 RR2005-0608715-90/ -95/ -10
CBR 600 RR, not ABS2007-1008747-90/ -95/ -10
CBR 600 RR, with ABS2009-1008747-90/ -95/ -10
CBR 900 RR1998-9908635-90
CBR 900 RR / 9292000-0108664-95
CBR 900 RR / 9542002-0308665-85/ -90/ -95
CBR 1000 RR2004-0508704-95/ -10
CBR 1000 RR2006-0708704-95/ -10
CBR 1000 RR2008-1008672-95/ -10
CBR 1100 XX1997-0008633-95
CBR 1100 XX2001-0608633-95
VFR 800 FI2002-0508687-85
VFR 800 FI2002-0508687-85
VFR 800 FI2006-0908726-85
VFR 800 FI2006-0908726-85
VTR 1000 F1997-0608805-01
VTR 1000 SP2 / RC 512000-0108662-10
VTR 1000 SP2 / RC 512002-0608662-10
XL 1000 V Varadero1999-0208655-70
XL 1000 V Varadero with ABS2003-0908725-85
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
CBR 600RR, incl ABS2007-10FPK 106Fork piston kit
CBR 600RR, incl ABS2007-10FGK 20430mm Cartridge kit
CBR 1000RR2004-07FGK 126Cartridge kit
CBR 1000RR, incl ABS2008-10FPK 101Fork piston kit
CBR 1000RR, not ABS2008-10FGRT 80643mm R&T
CBR 1000RR, ABS2009-10FGRT 81343mm R&T
CBR 1000RR, incl ABS2008-10FGK 20330mm Cartridge kit
Steering Damper
ModelYearPart No.
CBR 600 F/F-Sport1999-02SD 148
CBR 600RR2003-04SD 170
CBR 600RR2005-06SD 180
CBR 900RR / 9292000-01SD 144
CBR 900RR / 9542002-03SD 159
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
ER-62006-08KA 602S46DR1
ER-62009KA 906S46DR1
GPZ 5001980-85KA 143*S36P
GPZ 900 Racing1984-98KA 634S46HR1C1LS
GPZ 900 R1984-89KA 543S46ER1S
GPZ 900 R1984-89KA 449S46HR1C1LS
GPZ 900 R1990-98KA 543S46ER1S
GPZ 900 R1990-98KA 449S46HR1C1LS
GPZ 900 R1999-00KA 914S46HR1C1LS
GPZ 900, Racing 17"1999-00KA 203S46HR1C1LS
GTR 140039692KA 709S46PR1C1S
KSR 110KA 607S36HR1C1L
Ninja 250R2009KA 840S36HR1C1L
Versys2006-09KA 907S46DR1
VN 900 Classic2006-09KA 760S46DR1LS
VN 900 Classic2006-09KA 761S46DR1L
VN 900 Custom2007-09KA 760S46DR1LS
VN 900 Custom2007-09KA 761S46DR1L
VN 1500 Classic1997KA 935*S36K
W 6501999-03KA 224*S36D
W 650, short1999-03KA 632*S36E
Z 400 J1980-85KA 143*S36P
Z 400 J1980-85KA 147*S36PR1C1LB
Z 400 J1980-85KA 747*S36PR1C1L
Z 500/ 500 GP1980-85KA 143*S36P
Z 500/ 500 GP1980-85KA 147*S36PR1C1LB
Z 500/ 500 GP1980-85KA 747*S36PR1C1L
Z 750 GP1982-86KA 140*S36P
Z 750 GP1982-86KA 146*S36PR1C1LB
Z 750 L/ Sport1982-85KA 143*S36P
Z 750 L/ Sport1982-85KA 147*S36PR1C1LB
Z 750 L/ Sport1982-85KA 747*S36PR1C1L
Z 7502004-05KA 541S46PR1C1L
Z 750 S2005KA 541S46PR1C1L
Z 7502008-09KA 735S46PR1C2
Z 7502007-08KA 009S46DR1
Z 9001973-76KA 140*S36P
Z 9001973-76KA 146*S36PR1C1LB
Z 10001977-85KA 140*S36P
Z 10001977-85KA 146*S36PR1C1LB
Z 10002003-05KA 302S46PR1C1LS
Z 10002007-09KA 734S46PR1C2LS
Zephyr 400/ 7501991-96KA 143*S36P
Zephyr 400/ 7501991-96KA 147*S36PR1C1LB
Zephyr 400/ 7501991-96KA 747*S36PR1C1L
Zephyr 11001992-96KA 140*S36P
Zephyr 11001992-96KA 146*S36PR1C1LB
Zephyr 11001992-96KA 446*S36PR1C1L
Zephyr 11001992-96KA 448*S36PR1C1L
ZRX 4001994-96KA 141*S36P
ZRX 4001994-96KA 148*S36PR1C1LB
ZRX 11001997-99KA 151*S36PR1C1LB
ZRX 11001997-99HO 414*S36PR1C1L
ZRX 11001997-99HO 417*S36PR1C1L
ZRX 12002001KA 149*S36PR1C1LB
ZRX 12002001KA 416*S36PR1C1L
ZRX 12002001KA 417*S36PR1C1L
ZRX 12002002KA 149*S36PR1C1LB
ZRX 12002002KA 416*S36PR1C1L
ZRX 12002002KA 417*S36PR1C1L
ZRX 12002003-05KA 149*S36PR1C1LB
ZRX 12002003-05KA 416*S36PR1C1L
ZRX 12002003-05KA 417*S36PR1C1L
ZX 6 R2003KA 301S46PR1C2S
ZX 6 RR2003KA 301S46PR1C2S
ZX 6 R2004KA 301S46PR1C2S
ZX 6 RR2004KA 301S46PR1C2S
ZX 6 R2005-06KA 502S46PR1C2LS
ZX 6 R2007KA 646S46PR1C2LS
ZX 6 R2008KA 789T36PR1C1LS
ZX 6 R2009-10KA 889T36PR1C1LB
ZX 10 R2004-05KA 345S46PR1C2LS
ZX 10 R2006-07KA 540S46PR1C2LS
ZX 10 R2008-10KA 788T36PR1C1LS
ZX 12 R2000-01KA 942S46R1C1LS
ZX 12 R2002-05KA 209S46R1C1LS
ZZ-R 11001990-92KA 003S46HR1C1S
ZZ-R 11001993-99KA 309S46HR1C1S
ZZ-R 12002002-05KA 202S46ER1S
ZZ-R 14002006-07KA 544S46HR1C1LS
ZZ-R 14002008-09KA 544S46HR1C1LS
Uprated Fork Springs (OEM Replacement)
ModelYearPart No.
GPZ 900 R1984-8908460-85
GPZ 900 R1984-8908460-85
GPZ 900 R1990-9808841-01
GPZ 900 R1990-9808841-01
GPZ 900 R1999-0008669-90
GTR 14003969208769-13
VN 900 Classic2006-0908858-01
VN 900 Classic2006-0908858-01
VN 900 Custom2007-0908859-01
VN 900 Custom2007-0908859-01
Z 7502004-0508705-90
Z 750 S200508718-90
Z 10002003-0508696-90
Z 10002007-0908754-95
ZRX 11001997-9908622-80
ZRX 11001997-9908622-80
ZRX 11001997-9908622-80
ZRX 1200200108678-80
ZRX 1200200108678-80
ZRX 1200200108678-80
ZRX 1200200208691-90
ZRX 1200200208691-90
ZRX 1200200208691-90
ZX 6 R200308693-90/ -10
ZX 6 RR200308693-90/ -10
ZX 6 R200408701-80/ -85/-90/ -95/ -10
ZX 6 RR200408701-80/ -85/-90/ -95/ -10
ZX 6 R2005-0608714-95/ -10
ZX 6 R200708748-90/ -95/ -10
ZX 6 R200808748-90/ -95/ -10
ZX 6 R2009-1008773-90/ -95/ -10
ZX 10 R2004-0508702-10
ZX 10 R2006-0708728-95/ -10
ZX 10 R2008-1008759-95/ -10
ZX 12 R2000-0108667-95
ZX 12 R2002-0508667-95
ZZ-R 11001993-9908606-10
ZZ-R 14002008-0908768-95
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
ZX 6R2007-08FGK 133Cartridge kit
ZX 6R2009FGK 144Cartridge kit
ZX 6R2010FGK 20630mm Cartridge kit
ZX 10R2006-07FG 35243mm R&T
ZX 10R2008-10FPK 105Fork piston kit
ZX 10R2008-09FGK 142Cartridge kit
ZX 10R2008-10FGRT 80443mm R&T
ZX 10R2010FGK 20530mm Cartridge kit
ZX 12R2000-03FG 84243mm R&T
ZZ-R 14002006-10FGRT 80743mm R&T
Steering Damper
ModelYearPart No.
ZX 6 R2000-02SD 149
ZX 6 R2003-04SD 169
ZX 6 RR2003-04SD 169
ZX 6 R2005-06SD 186
ZX 6 R2007-08SD 189
ZX 6 R2009-10SD 021
ZX 10 R2004-05SD 177
ZX 10 R2008-10SD 021
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
RC 82008-10KT 888T36PR1C1
Uprated Fork Springs (OEM Replacement)
ModelYearPart No.
RC 82008-1008776-95/ -10/ -05
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
RC82008-10FGK 141Cartridge kit
RC82008-10FGRT 81243mm R&T
Steering Damper
ModelYearPart No.
RC 82008-10SD 028
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
1000 SP IIAllMG 140*S36P
850 T5AllMG 140*S36P
Le Mans III 850AllMG 140*S36P
MV Augusta
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
F42008-09MV 788T36PR1C1S
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
B-King2007-09SU 716S46PR1C1LB
C8002005-09SU 708S46DR1LS
C8002005-09SU 709S46DR1L
C800C2009SU 708S46DR1LS
C800C2009SU 709S46DR1L
C15002005-07SU 706S46DR1LS
C15002005-07SU 707S46DR1L
C18002008-09SU 813S46DR1LS
C18002008-09SU 814S46DR1L
DL 650 V-Strom2004-09SU 823S46DR1S
DL 1000 V-Strom2002SU 201S46PR1C1S
DL 1000 V-Strom2003-08SU 201S46PR1C1S
DR-Z 400SM2005-07SU 506S46PR1C2
GS 750 E1977-84SU 143*S36P
GS 750 L1977-81SU 143*S36P
GS 750 S1979-84SU 143*S36P
GS 1000 E/ H/ L/ S1979-82SU 143*S36P
GS 1000 E/ H/ L/ S1979-82SU 145*S36PR1C1LB
GSF 650 Bandit, Not ABS models2005-06SU 504S46DR1S
GSF 650 Bandit, ABS models2005-06SU 504S46DR1S
GSF 650 Bandit2007-08SU 728S46DR1S
GSF 1200 Bandit1996-00SU 601S46HR1C1S
GSF 1200 Bandit2001-05SU 049S46R1C1LS
GSF 1250 Bandit2007-09SU 715S46HR1C1LS
GSR 6002006-09SU 604S46PR1C1L
GSX 650F, Not ABS models2008-09SU 728S46DR1S
GSX 650F, ABS models2008-09SU 728S46DR1S
GSX 750 R1988SU 003S46HR1C1L
GSX 750 R1989SU 003S46HR1C1L
GSX 750 R1990SU 003S46HR1C1L
GSX 750 R1991SU 003S46HR1C1L
GSX 750 R W1992-95SU 003S46HR1C1L
GSX-R 6002001-03SU 149S46PR1C2LS
GSX-R 6002004-05SU 347S46PR1C2LS
GSX-R 6002006-10SU 789T36PR1C1LS
GSX-R 7502004-05SU 347S46PR1C2LS
GSX-R 7502006-10SU 789T36PR1C1LS
GSX-R 10002003-04SU 302S46PR1C2LS
GSX-R 10002005-06SU 503S46PR1C2LS
GSX-R 10002007-08SU 788T36PR1C1LB
GSX-R 10002009-10SU 888T36PR1C1LB
GSX 11001979-83SU 143*S36P
GSX 11001979-83SU 145*S36PR1C1LB
GSX 1100 Katana1981-83SU 143*S36P
GSX 1100 Katana1981-83SU 145*S36PR1C1LB
GSX 1100 R1986-88SU 635S46HR1C1
GSX 1100 R1989SU 002S46HR1C1
GSX 1100 R1990-92SU 002S46HR1C1
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa1999-07SU 841S46PR1C1S
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa1999-07SU 406S46PR1C2LS
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa2008-09SU 717S46PR1C1LS
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa2008-09SU 718S46PR1C2LS
GSX 14002001-07SU 133*S36PR1C1LB
M8002005-09SU 710S46DR1LS
M8002005-09SU 711S46DR1L
M800Z2009SU 710S46DR1LS
M800Z2009SU 711S46DR1L
M15002009SU 901S46DR1LS
M15002009SU 902S46DR1L
M1800R2006-07SU 714S46DR1L
M1800R2008-09SU 714S46DR1L
M1800R22008SU 714S46DR1L
M1800R22009SU 714S46DR1L
M1800Z2008SU 714S46DR1L
M1800Z2009SU 714S46DR1L
RE-51975-77SU 143*S36P
RE-51975-77SU 145*S36PR1C1LB
RGV 2501989-93SU 904S46HR1C1L
SFV 650 Gladius2009SU 905S46DR1
SV 650 1999-02SU 852S46HR1C1L
SV 650, not ABS2003-07SU 606S46PR1C1L
TL 1000 R1998-01SU 806S46PR1C1
TL 1000 S1997-98SU 805S46PR1C1W
VL8002001-04SU 708S46DR1LS
VL8002001-04SU 709S46DR1L
VL15001997-04SU 706S46DR1LS
VL15001997-04SU 707S46DR1L
Uprated Fork Springs (OEM Replacement)
ModelYearPart No.
DL 650 V-Strom2004-0908771-80
DL 1000 V-Strom200208688-90
DR-Z 400SM2005-0708720-55
GSF 650 Bandit, Not ABS models2005-0608719-85
GSF 650 Bandit, ABS models2005-0608752-85
GSF 650 Bandit2007-0808752-85
GSF 1200 Bandit1996-0008842-01
GSF 1200 Bandit2001-0508674-90
GSR 6002006-0908729-80/ -85
GSX 650F, Not ABS models2008-0908719-85
GSX 650F, ABS models2008-0908752-85
GSX 750 R198908816-01
GSX 750 R199008606-75
GSX-R 6002001-0308671-90/ -95/ -10
GSX-R 6002004-0508656-95/ -10
GSX-R 6002006-1008724-90/ -95/ -10
GSX-R 7502004-0508656-95/ -10
GSX-R 7502006-1008724-90/ -95/ -10
GSX-R 10002003-0408697-90/ -95/ -10
GSX-R 10002005-0608697-90/ -95/ -10
GSX-R 10002007-0808744-95/ -10/ -05
GSX-R 10002009-1008779-95/ -10/ -05/ -11
GSX 1100 Katana1981-8308599-85
GSX 1100 Katana1981-8308599-85
GSX 1100 R198908815-01
GSX 1100 R1990-9208606-90
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa1999-0708656-90
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa1999-0708656-90
SFV 650 Gladius200908780-90
SV 650 1999-0208657-80/ -85
SV 650, not ABS2003-0708698-80/ -85
TL 1000 S1997-9808651-85
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
GSX-R 6002008-10FPK 102Fork piston kit
GSX-R 6002006-10FGK 20830mm Cartridge kit
GSX-R 7502006-07FPK 102Fork piston kit
GSX-R 7502006-07FGK 20830mm Cartridge kit
GSX-R 10002004-06FGK 119Cartridge kit
GSX-R 10002005-06FG 33943mm R&T
GSX-R 10002007-08FPK 104Fork piston kit
GSX-R 10002007-08FGK 136Cartridge kit
GSX-R 10002007-08FGRT 80243mm R&T
GSX-R 10002009-10FGRT 80943mm R&T
GSX-R 10002009FGK 146Cartridge kit
GSX-R 10002010FGK 20730mm Cartridge kit
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa2008-10FGRT 80543mm R&T
Steering Damper
ModelYearPart No.
GSX-R 6002004-05SD 176
GSX-R 6002001-10SD 030
GSX-R 7502004-05SD 176
GSX-R 7502000-10SD 030
GSX-R 10002003-04SD 167
GSX-R 10002005-06SD 181
GSX-R 10002001-10SD 030
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa1999-02SD 143
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa2003-10SD 182
GSX 1300 R Hayabusa2008-10SD 030
TL 1000 R1998-01SD 137
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
Bonneville2001-03TR 326*S36E
Daytona 6752006-08TR 602S46PR1C2LS
Daytona 6752009TR 602S46PR1C2LS
Daytona 6752006-10TR 889T36PR1C1LS
Daytona 955i2003TR 702S46HR1C1LS
Speed Triple2005-06TR 502S46HR1C1LB
Speed Triple 10502008-09TR 807S46PR1C1LB
Street Triple 6752008TR 805S46PR1C1L
Street Triple 6752009TR 805S46PR1C1L
Street Triple 675 R2009TR 805S46PR1C1L
Sprint ST2006-09TR 703S46PR1C1LS
T509 Speed Triple1997-99TR 702S46HR1C1LS
T595 Daytona 1997-99TR 702S46HR1C1LS
Thruxton2005TR 538*S36DR1L
Tiger 10502007-09TR 704S46HR1C1B
Uprated Fork Springs (OEM Replacement)
ModelYearPart No.
Daytona 6752006-0808727-85/ -90/ -10
Daytona 955i200308635-90
Speed Triple 10502008-0908770-95
Street Triple 675200808693-90
Street Triple 675200908781-95
Street Triple 675 R200908781-95
Sprint ST2006-0908755-90
T509 Speed Triple1997-9908635-90
T595 Daytona 1997-9908635-90
Tiger 10502007-0908756-70
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
Daytona 6752008FGK 139Cartridge kit
Daytona 6752008FPK 109Fork piston kit
Daytona 6752009-10FPK 110Fork piston kit
Daytona 6752009-10FGK 20930mm Cartridge kit
Road & Track Shocks
ModelYearPart No.Type
FJR 1300 (not ABS)2001-05YA 052S46PR1C1S
FJR 1300 (ABS)2003-05YA 342S46PR1C1S
FJR 13002006-09YA 707S46HR1C1S
FZ62004-07YA 543S46HR1C1L
FZ62004-07YA 402S46HR1C1
FZ6 S22007-09YA 723S46HR1C1
FZ1, ABS2006-09YA 906S46HR1C1S
FZ12006-08YA 009S46DR1
FZR 10001989-90YA 828S46HR1C1
FZR 10001991-93YA 828S46HR1C1
FZR 10001994-95YA 828S46HR1C1
FZS 1000 Fazer2001-05YA 050S46PR1C1S
RD 3501979-82YA 051S46DR1
SR 500AllYA 952E*S36E
SR 500AllYA 148*S36P
SRX 4001990YA 005S46HR1C1L
SRX 6001990YA 005S46HR1C1L
TDM 8501991-00YA 151S46PR1C1
TZR 250 R1991-93YA 304S46HR1C1
V-Max1985-92YA 137*S36PR1C1LB
V-Max1985-92YA 427*S36PR1C1L
V-Max1985-92YA 426*S36PR1C1L
V-Max1993-05YA 137*S36PR1C1LB
V-Max1993-05YA 427*S36PR1C1L
V-Max1993-05YA 426*S36PR1C1L
XJ 62009YA 907S46DR1
XJR 4001991-YA 145*S36P
XJR 12001995-98YA 139*S36PR1C1LB
XJR 12001995-98YA 156*S36P
XJR 12001995-98YA 413*S36PR1C1L
XJR 12001995-98YA 417*S36PR1C1L
XJR 13001999-01YA 139*S36PR1C1LB
XJR 13001999-01YA 156*S36P
XJR 13001999-01YA 413*S36PR1C1L
XJR 13001999-01YA 417*S36PR1C1L
XJR 13002002-05YA 139*S36PR1C1LB
XJR 13002002-05YA 156*S36P
XJR 13002002-05YA 413*S36PR1C1L
XJR 13002002-05YA 417*S36PR1C1L
XT 660 Z Tenere2008-09YA 817S46PR1C1
XV1600 Wild Star/Road Star1999-05YA 549S46DR1L
XV 1700 Wild Star/Road Star2004-05YA 549S46DR1L
XV1700 Road Warrior2003-05YA 714S46DR1LS
XV1700 Road Warrior2003-05YA 715S46DR1L
XV1900A Midnight Star2006-08YA 716S46DR1LS
XV1900A Midnight Star2006-08YA 717S46DR1L
XVS650 Drag Star1997-04YA 735S46DR1LS
XVS650 Drag Star1997-04YA 736S46DR1L
XVS650A Drag Star Classic1997-07YA 709S46DR1LS
XVS650A Drag Star Classic1997-07YA 710S46DR1L
XVS950A Midnight Star2009YA 909S46ER1LS
XVS950A Midnight Star2009YA 910S46ER1LS
XVS1100 Drag Star1999-05YA 745S46DR1LS
XVS1100 Drag Star1999-05YA 746S46DR1L
XVS1100A Drag Star Classic2000-07YA 705S46DR1LS
XVS1100A Drag Star Classic2000-07YA 706S46DR1L
XVS1300A Midnight Star2007-08YA 753S46DR1LS
XVS1300A Midnight Star2007-08YA 754S46DR1L
YZF R61999-02YA 154S46PR1C2LS
YZF R62005YA 505S46PR1C2LB
YZF R62006-07YA 606S46PR1C2B
YZF R62008-10YA 789T36PR1C1LB
YZF R11998-01YA 155S46PR1C2LS
YZF R12004-06YA 343S46PR1C2LS
YZF R12004-06YA 348S46PR1C1
YZF R12007YA 743S46PR1C2LB
YZF R12008YA 788T36PR1C1LB
YZF R12009-10YA 888T36PR1C1LS
Uprated Fork Springs (OEM Replacement)
ModelYearPart No.
FJR 1300 (not ABS)2001-0508679-90/ -10
FJR 1300 (ABS)2003-0508679-90/ -10
FJR 13002006-0908679-90/ -10
FZ62004-0708711-80/ -85
FZ62004-0708711-80/ -85
FZ6 S22007-0908711-80/ -85
FZ1, ABS2006-0908656-90
FZR 10001989-9008610-85
FZS 1000 Fazer2001-0508675-85/ -90
XJ 6200908783-85
XJR 12001995-9808834-01
XJR 12001995-9808834-01
XJR 12001995-9808834-01
XJR 12001995-9808834-01
XJR 13001999-0108660-80
XJR 13001999-0108660-80
XJR 13001999-0108660-80
XJR 13001999-0108660-80
XT 660 Z Tenere2008-0908716-50
XV1600 Wild Star/Road Star1999-0508849-01
XV 1700 Wild Star/Road Star2004-0508849-01
XV1900A Midnight Star2006-0808851-01
XV1900A Midnight Star2006-0808851-01
XVS650 Drag Star1997-0408844-01
XVS650 Drag Star1997-0408844-01
XVS650A Drag Star Classic1997-0708845-01
XVS650A Drag Star Classic1997-0708845-01
XVS950A Midnight Star200908863-01
XVS950A Midnight Star200908863-01
XVS1100 Drag Star1999-0508846-01
XVS1100 Drag Star1999-0508846-01
XVS1100A Drag Star Classic2000-0708847-01
XVS1100A Drag Star Classic2000-0708847-01
XVS1300A Midnight Star2007-0808848-01
XVS1300A Midnight Star2007-0808848-01
YZF R61999-0208652-85/ -90/ -95/ -10
YZF R6200508714-95/ -10
YZF R62006-0708722-85/ -90/ -95/ -10
YZF R62008-1008760-85/ -90/ -95/ 10
YZF R11998-0108649-80
YZF R12004-0608672-95/ -10
YZF R12004-0608672-95/ -10
YZF R1200708672-95/ -10
YZF R1200808672-95/ -10
YZF R12009-1008774-95/ -10
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
MT 012005-09FG 33743mm R&T
YZF R62006-10FPK 107Fork piston kit
YZF R62006-07FGK 127Cartridge kit
YZF R62008-10FGK 20230mm Cartridge kit
YZF R12004-06FG 32743mm R&T
YZF R12007-08FGK 134Cartridge kit
YZF R12007-08FGRT 80143mm R&T
YZF R12009-10FGRT 80843mm R&T
YZF R12009-10FPK 108Fork piston kit
YZF R12009-10FGK 20130mm Cartridge kit
Steering Damper
ModelYearPart No.
FZ6 Fazer, not S22004-08SD 178
YZF R61999-02SD 150
YZF R62003-05SD 163
YZF R62006-07SD 183
YZF R62008-10SD 020
YZF R11998-01SD 124
YZF R12004-08SD 027
YZF R12009-10SD 024
YZF R12009-10SD 024P
Front Forks
ModelYearPart No.Type
Road &TrackFG 32443mm R&T
SuperbikeFGR 00043mm SBK
RR 125FGR 71038mm RR
Front fork piston kit ø20mm03200-01Fork piston kit
Front fork piston kit ø25mm03200-25Fork piston kit
Steering Damper
ModelYearPart No.
Steering damper stroke 63SD 000
Steering damper stroke 68SD 001
Steering damper stroke 90SD 002
Steering damper stroke 120SD 003
Steering damper stroke 140SD 004
Steering damper stroke 150SD 005

* denotes these shocks are delivered as pairs

The last 2 digits in fork spring part numbers represent the spring rate in N/mm.
E.g. 8626-40 has a spring rate of 4.0 N/mm