Ohlins ATV shock absorbers
Type Codes explained...

Below are explanations of what each number and letter in the damper code corresponds to.
For example: T44PR1C1Q1W represents a TTX44 damper (twin tube, with 44mm piston), with a piggyback reservoir, compression and rebound adjustment, PDS Progressive damping, supplied without a spring.

Öhlins damper type codes

Ohlins racing ATV suspensionOhlins Racing are one of the most respected brands in the ATV industry. They have been producing championship winning dampers since 1976, and their product development is second to none. All of the Ohlins products are tailor-made to their specific application, and fully tested and developed on the ATV.

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Below is the full range of Ohlins ATV products. Please click on the manufacturer name to display the list of applications

ModelYearPart No.Type
UniversalAT 772*S36PR1C2Q1W
UniversalAT 773*S36PR1C2Q1W
UniversalAT 774*S36PR1C2W
Universal TTX30AT 071*T30PR1C1W
Universal TTX30AT 072*T30PR1C1W
Universal TTX30AT 073*T30PR1C1W
Universal TTX30AT 074*T30PR1C1W
ModelYearPart No.Type
DS 650, Rear2003BO 372S46PR1C2
ModelYearPart No.Type
Outlander 800, front2009CA 974*S36PR1C1
Outlander 800, rear2009CA 975*S36PR1C1
ModelYearPart No.Type
4-Trax 400 EX, Rear1999-01HO 174S46PR1C1
TRX 450, Front2004-08HO 671*S36PR1C2W
TRX 450, Rear2006-08HO 672S46PR1C2W
TRX 450, Rear2004-05HO 572S46PR1C2W
TRX 450, Rear Houser2010HO 1077T44PR1C1W
ModelYearPart No.Type
KFX 450R, Front2008-09KA 870*S36PR1C2W
KFX 450R, Rear2008-09KA 872S46PR1C2W
ModelYearPart No.Type
SX 450/505, Front2009KT 971*S36PR1C2W
SX 450/505, Rear2009KT 972S46PR1C2Q1W
ModelYearPart No.Type
LT-R 450, Front2006-08SU 671*S36PR1C2W
LT-R 450, Front Racing2006-08SU 672*S36PR1C2Q1W
LT-R 450, Rear2006-08SU 673S46PR1C2W
LT-R 450, Rear Racing2006-08SU 674S46PR1C2Q1W
LT-R 450, Rear2010SU 1072T44PR1C1W
ModelYearPart No.
Grizzly 700, Front2007-08YA 778*S36PC1
Grizzly 700, Rear2007-08YA 779*S36PC1
Grizzly 700, Front2009YA 1078*S36PR1C1
Grizzly 700, Rear2009YA 1079*S36PR1C1
Rhino, Front2006YA 613*S36D
Rhino, Front2006YA 615*S36PC1
Rhino, Rear2006YA 614*S36D
Rhino, Rear2006YA 616*S36PC1
Rhino FI, Front2008YA 613*S36D
Rhino FI, Front2008YA 615*S36PC1
Rhino FI, Rear2008YA 614*S36D
Rhino FI, Rear2008YA 616*S36PC1
YFZ 350 Banshee, Front1987-04YA 075*S36PR1C1
YFZ 350 Banshee, Rear1987-04YA 476S46PR1C2
YFZ 450, Front2004-08YA 671*S36PR1C2W
YFZ 450, Front2004-08YA 671*S36PR1C2W
YFZ 450, Front2004-08YA 574*S36PR1C2W
YFZ 450, Front Racing2004-08YA 576*S36PR1C2Q1W
YFZ 450, Front2004-08YA 574*S36PR1C2W
YFZ 450, Front Racing2004-08YA 576*S36PR1C2Q1W
YFZ 450, Front2004-08YA 575*S36PR1C2W
YFZ 450, Front Racing2004-08YA 677*S36PR1C2Q1W
YFZ 450R, Front2009YA 971*S36PR1C2W
YFZ 450, Rear2004-05YA 572S46PR1C2W
YFZ 450, Rear Racing2004-05YA 579S46PR1C2Q1W
YFZ 450, Rear Racing2006-08YA 675S46PR1C2Q1W
YFZ 450R, Rear Racing2009YA 975T44PR1C1W
YFM 250R, front2009YA 974*S36PR1C1
YFM 250R, rear2009YA 973S46PR1C1
YFM 700R, front2009YA 970*S36PR1C2
YFM 700R, rear2009YA 972S46PR1C1
YFM 660R Raptor, Front2001-05YA 671*S36PR1C2W
YFM 660R Raptor, Rear2002-05YA 273S46PR1C1
YFM 700R Raptor, Front2006-08YA 673*S36PC1
YFM 700R Raptor, Rear2006-08YA 674S46PR1C1

* denotes these shocks are delivered as pairs