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Tritek Developments offer a range of engineering services. These services include track-side consultancy at both test and race events, suspension development services, driver development, and design services.

Our engineers are highly trained and experienced in suspension development and race car engineering, and can offer a wide range of services to our customers.

Since client requirements vary greatly we price our services based on the specific needs of the customer. If you would like more information about the services that we can offer you and details on pricing, then please dont hesitate to Contact Us.

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Track-side Damper Engineering

Getting the best from your dampers can often be a difficult task, sometimes even for seasoned race engineers. Having a dedicated damper engineer in attendance at test and/or race days can prove highly beneficial in extracting optimum performance from your car. Our damper engineers have a great deal of experience, having worked with a wide variety of cars, teams and individuals in competitions all around the world.

An added benefit of having one of our engineers in attendance is the ability to make valving changes to your dampers at the track. Our tools and equipment are mobile, and we can bring a damper workshop to the race circuit. This allows major changes to be made to damper valving, as well as damper hardware if required, which would otherwise require dampers being sent away to a company for such changes, potentially wasting testing time or hindering your race weekend.

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Race Engineering

In addition to damper engineering, our engineers are also highly skilled in full race car engineering. We have engineered drivers in race series at all levels, from club competition to professional race teams. Including championship and race winning drivers in the UK, Europe and America.

Driver Development

Getting the most out of the driver is as important as getting the most out of the car, hence we offer a range of driver development services in conjunction with our damper and race engineering services.

Using in-car camera and data logging systems we can analyse driver performance in addition to vehicle performance, and get the best out of both. We can even provide the camera and data logging systems for these purposes. This service can be particularly useful for customers purchasing camera and data logging setups who don't possess previous experience with such systems and want to know how to get the best out of them.

We can also provide professional race drivers to offer tuition and guidance, particularly useful for novice drivers, or club level competitors looking to take their driving to the next level, or looking to get the best out of their vehicle.