Ohlins damper rebuild repair service
Damper servicing at a glance

Dampers are one of the most critical components on a vehicle. They contribute heavily to many aspects of vehicle performance, including handling, traction and comfort. It is therefore important to keep your dampers in perfect working condition in order to get the most from them.

We recommend that most dampers are serviced at least once a year to keep them in optimum condition. Dampers used in particularly harsh environments benefit from more regular service intervals.

Here is what takes place in a typical damper service:

  • Dyno check damper
  • The damper is run on the Roehrig damper dynamometer to check for problems and to get an idea of its general internal condition. Many issues can show up on the dyno that would be hard to spot just from looking at components once the damper is apart.
  • Dismantle damper and check components
  • Next the damper is de-gassed and dismantled using specialist tools, the old oil is drained, and parts are cleaned and checked and replaced for new ones if they do not satisfy their requirements. Any moving seals are replaced as a matter of course.
  • Make any valving changes
  • With the valving components out of the damper, if any valving changes are required it is at this stage that they are made.
  • Re-assemble damper
  • The damper is carefully re-assembled with parts having been replaced where necessary, and specialist greases applied to relevant seals to ensure minimal friction and wear.
  • Fill with oil, and bleed the damper
  • The final stage in assembly is to fill the damper with oil and bleed it to remove any air. This is performed with a vacuum filling machine where possible, but some dampers require hand bleeding. The filling machine vacuums the damper to remove as much air as possible using a powerful pump, and then adds oil under pressure to ensure that no air is allowed into the damper.
  • Gas the damper
  • The damper is gas pressurised with Nitrogen to anything from 5-18 bar of pressure depending on the damper and its application.
  • Test damper on dyno
  • Finally, the damper is run on the dynamometer to check that it is working correctly, and that any valving changes have had the desired effect. If anything doesn't look right then the damper is disassembled, problems solved/valvings altered, and re-assembled. No damper leaves the workshop until our engineers are happy that it is in perfect operating condition. And if the damper is part of an identical pair, then both dampers must also match each other at equal settings.

Tritek Developments offer servicing and revalving for the full range of Ohlins automotive and motorcycle suspension products. We are equipped with the full range of Ohlins tools and equipment to carry out service, repair, and modification work. Our engineers are fully factory trained by Ohlins Sweden in all of the Ohlins products.

We also have a Roehrig damper dynamometer in-house. This is an essential piece of equipment for damper servicing, as well as valving changes, so be wary of companies and individuals offering damper services without one.

In addition to Ohlins servicing, we can also service dampers from most other manufacturers. Please contact us if you have a damper that is not listed to see what services we can offer.

Please note: All of our prices include the cost of standard service parts and oil. Many companies charge these parts separately and quote only for labour charges, but these parts typically cost £35-60 per damper! Our prices include all parts that are changed as a matter of course, so you won't end up with a bill that costs double the original price quoted.

The only additional charges for servicing your dampers will be if other parts are damaged or worn, or if you request a revalve. We always contact the customer prior to performing the work in these situations, so there are no surprises when you get your final bill.

Please note that all prices are per damper

Ohlins Automotive

36mm + 46mm Monotube damper (exc. Off-Road/Rally)
36mm MacPherson strut (exc. Off-Road/Rally)
Rally/Off-Road damper (inc. TTX 44 and ORQ)
Rally/Off-Road MacPherson strut (inc. TPX 44)
TTX36 damper
TTX40, TTX46 MacPherson strut, and TT40/44
Road & Track Damper£130
Road & Track MacPherson strut
Revalve (without service)
£50 + parts
Revalve (with service)£25 + parts, in addition to service price

Ohlins Motorcycle & ATV

Road & Track Rear Shocks (inc. TTX36)
MX & ATV Rear Shocks (exc. TTX44)
TTX44 MX & ATV damper£100
TTX30 ATV damper£100
Front Forks
£contact us
Steering Dampers
Revalve (without service)
£50 + parts
Revalve (with service)£25 + parts, in addition to service price

Additional charges and services

Cleaning Surcharge (charged on excessively dirty dampers)
Dyno Testing (prices starting from)£20

(All prices exc. VAT)

Other Manufacturers

  • We are able to service dampers from most damper manufacturers, however we require more information on the specific damper in order to quote a price.

If you require additional information about the services that we can offer, then please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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